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The @teacherhead Blog Amp #3

#3 4th January 2020



The @teacherhead Blog Amp #1

The @teacherhead Blog Amp #2

Full Name : Dan Rodriguez-Clark    Twitter @name: @InteractMaths

Blog Post Title: My Assumptions about Learning

Blog url: https://www.interactive-maths.com/blog/my-assumptions-about-learning

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): I take a look at the assumptions I have about learning to aid in Better Conversations.

Full Name : Lee McCulloch-James  Twitter @name: @lnmcjames

Blog Post Title: The Deep fakery of Dark Matter’s Inertial Energy

Blog url: https://mcmurmerings.wordpress.com/2019/12/15/the-deep-fakery-of-dark-matters-inertial-energy/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): Review of Energy with a Dark Matter-Energy twist

Full Name : Yamina Bibi   Twitter @name: @msybibi

Blog Post Title: Leading Training for Early Careers Teachers and helping them thrive

Blog url: https://msybeebs.wordpress.com/2019/11/13/leading-early-careers-teachers-and-helping-them-thrive/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): In this blog, I outline some of the whole school strategies we have implemented and embedded at my school, Forest Gate Community School, in order to help Early Careers Teachers flourish.

Full Name : Adele Bates  Twitter @name: AdeleBatesZ

Blog Post Title: Staff Morale & Behaviour

Blog url: https://adelebateseducation.co.uk/staff-morale-and-behaviour/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): Seemingly constant ‘Bad Behaviour’ without resolutions can make for a very despairing atmosphere in schools. As leaders, it is our position to support the staff within the moment, as well as find longer-term solutions.

Full Name : Claire Stoneman  Twitter @name: @stoneman_claire

Blog Post Title: Curriculum: A Warning, Part 1

Blog url: https://birminghamteacher.wordpress.com/2019/05/19/curriculum-a-warning/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): Everyone’s talking about curriculum. This blog post is practical advice for school leaders, including things to beware of. The post is the first in a series of four; there are links at the bottom of the post to the other three.

Full Name : Tricia Taylor  Twitter @name: @tailoredpractice

Blog Post Title: Three Key Areas for Leaders to Connect—and 9 practical Ideas

Blog url: https://www.tailoredpractice.com/post/how-leaders-can-connect-the-dots-3-areas-9-ideas

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): After two decades working in and with schools, three important themes have surfaced – relationships, memory and mindset. Each area has its merit, but together there is a collective power. I can’t seem to talk about one without relating it to the importance of the other. Here are some practical strategies for leaders to use to connect the dots in their schools.

Full Name : Victoria Morris  Twitter @name: MrsSTeaches

Blog Post Title: Curriculum planning:KS1 Geography

Blog url: https://mrssteaches.school.blog/2019/12/01/example-post/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): Guidance on planning the primary humanities curriculum, focusing on choice of content and sequencing to build on prior learning.

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