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Particles and Scale. Two key ideas in teaching science.

Here are two short excerpts from my first book Teach Now! Science, The Joy of Teaching Science the 2014 Routledge series edited by Geoff Barton. Particles Across the entirety of a school life, students will develop an ever more sophisticated idea about the structure of matter and how materials are made up of particles – … Continue reading

Mental models, memory and misconceptions.

  I’ve had an interesting time in the classroom recently, discovering more about the extent to which students can struggle with mathematical models. I was dismayed to discover how many of my students got the answer wrong to: Simplify t2 + t2.  Most of them had written t2 + t2 = t4    instead of  t2 + … Continue reading

Y9 Science Co-construction Update

In August, I set out the process I’d be using to teach my Year 9s for science this year.  Having made it to half-term, how are we doing? Well, we are up and running and getting into our stride.  As promised, we spent our first couple of lessons talking about the content for the year, … Continue reading

Planning for Co-construction with Year 9

Background For the last four years I’ve been trying to develop the process of co-construction as an approach to teaching. After initial explorations in RE, I applied the approach to teaching my IGCSE Physics class over the last two years.  At the same time, my colleague Mark has been trying out the system with some … Continue reading

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