The @teacherhead Blog Amp.

I appreciate the support I have had from lots of people who have shared my blogs multiple times over the years and I feel that I should help others in a similar way. However I am not a fan of being tagged into blog posts on twitter for a variety of reasons so I’m going to try something else.   In order to support bloggers reach a wider audience with their ideas I am going to try lending a hand in a different way.  Here’s what to do:

Fill in the form below with the link to your blog post and the details:

  • Please link to just one specific recent post.
  • Please promote your own post on twitter if you use it and add the url to your tweet in the form below so that it can appear embedded in the weekly Blog Amp post – making it easier to RT and increase your  traffic.

I will post out a list of the contents in the order I receive them. I’ll aim for Saturday mornings, publishing as and when I have five or more to share.  I will include recent posts from people who:

  • write about education issues
  • identify themselves by name (no anonymous blogs)
  • are people, not companies or commercial organisations.
  • do not advertise products or services.

There will be a level of light editorial filtering, just as there would be via twitter.  I’m not going to spend time adjusting for representational balance – it’ll just be whoever drops their blogs in.

All the information shared here will be pasted into the weekly blog except the email addresses which are purely for follow-up and verification purposes if needed.  You will never receive any unsolicited emails.


(I don’t think the form shows up in some blog readers – so check on a desktop or in a browser. It’s there above this. )


  1. Hi Tom
    Thanks for this initiative. Excellent idea.
    It’s inspired me to write my first ever blog, but with only 19 followers it wouldn’t get far on its own. Thanks for the helping hand.

    Stay tuned!


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