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Lessons from KEGS: Ideas I’m taking with me.

  As I gear up to leaving KEGS at the end of term, I’ve been thinking about ideas I’ll be taking with me when I move to Highbury Grove. Many of these things are aspects of the school that struck me when I arrived; it was during that time that I developed the ‘plantation to … Continue reading

Great Lessons 9: Possibilities

“The sky’s the limit”…… It’s a wonderful motivating phrase.  It suggests that anything is possible; that there are no limits.  To infinity and beyond and all that….   As I’ve discussed already in Differentiation and Challenge and Journeys, the straight-jacket of one-size-fits-all learning activities is deadly.  In Great Lessons, it should be our default-setting to think … Continue reading

Great Lessons 5: Journeys

This series of posts is about the habits of excellent practice; the things we do every day in the classroom; the attitudes and dispositions we need to have in order to embed excellent practice into our routines – our default mode. This post is about journeys.  In terms of learning, students are continually on the … Continue reading

Flipped out by flipping? You may have missed the point.

Last week, my Y13s were about to go into a week of exams, so we were going to miss some lessons.  Time is precious, so we looked ahead to the material to come (Newton’s law of gravitation and circular motion) and I suggested the students used Khan Academy videos and the text book to get … Continue reading

Year 7 British Museum ‘Family Learning’ Project

British Museum Family Learning Project We have just collected in the final pieces of work from our Year 7 British Museum project and the results are stunning.  This is the third year we have run the project.  In the first year, we tried it with just one Year 7 class; this is the second year … Continue reading

KEGS Assemblies: Ethos, Aspirations, Spirit

Bang!! Bang!! Bang!!  (The hymn book is struck three times by Mr Carter.) “Please stand”.  900 students rise to their feet. The two Deputies and I swoosh up the steps, gowns billowing, to take our places on the stage. “Thank you; Please sit down….” This piece of theatre begins each one of our whole-school assemblies … Continue reading

KEGS House Music: The KEGS Spirit in Action

There is a lot that goes on at my school that I absolutely love.  But, without doubt, House Music is the highlight.  In fact, it is my favourite school event anywhere, ever.  The centre-piece of the annual House Competition, House Music not only provides a superb afternoon of entertainment, it also encapsulates so much of … Continue reading

Project 9: A student-devised, student-led IT programme.

Project 9 is our student-led IT programme in which students in Year 9 (hence the fairly obvious name!) engage in a diverse range of IT modules taught by students in Years 10-13.  We are now entering our fourth year and it is becoming a properly embedded feature of the curriculum. We have a very broad … Continue reading

Towards Co-constructed Learning: How to get it started.

Having written about co-construction in our Learning Lessons publication (Vol 2/ Issue 8 and Vol 3/ Issue 3), also profiled in this post I was invited to run some CPD sessions in two schools and then to write a summary of the process.  It is a fabulously enriching way to approach teaching and learning; here … Continue reading

Interview in The KEGS Ambassador

Thanks to David and James; it was a nerve-wracking interview – but you were kind to me in the end.

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