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Vietnam, Ali, reading and the powerful knowledge gap.

In a recent lesson observation, I witnessed a classic teacher-dilemma unfold.   How far do I have to go to fill in the knowledge gaps? I can’t teach them everything they don’t know so where do I begin? It was in a GCSE English resit class where students were looking at a reading comprehension question.  Here’s … Continue reading

What is a knowledge-rich curriculum? Principle and Practice.

I have found recent discussions and debates about the concept of a ‘knowledge-rich curriculum’  – or knowledge-led; knowledge-based – fascinating.   Some of this has been explored brilliantly in various blogs.  Here is a selection: Summer Turner https://ragazzainglese.wordpress.com/2018/02/14/pub-quiz-or-published-what-are-the-aims-of-a-knowledge-rich-curriculum/ Jon Brunskill  I’m bringing knowledge back. | Pedfed   which is worth reading along with his school’s website info on … Continue reading

Pedagogy Postcard #5: Expert Knowledge: Yours and theirs

A series of short posts about specific elements of teaching practice that I think are effective and make life interesting. Some are based on my own lessons and others are borrowed from lessons I’ve observed There are several kinds of expert knowledge that we have as teachers, including: Specialist knowledge of the subjects we teach. … Continue reading

A Perspective on ‘Seven Myths’

Daisy Christodoulou’s book Seven Myths About Education has created quite a stir since it was published online earlier this year. After a rave review from a respected colleague and several blogs about the book, I’ve finally managed to read Seven Myths for myself. I’m planning to include this for discussion in a new education Book … Continue reading

Some knowledge-skills interplay.

This is a bit of a stream of consciousness post…I’m just throwing out thoughts that I have on this issue in an unstructured manner. Here’s a Quick Quiz starter to warm you up: What is the capital of Equatorial Guinea? What is the highest flow rate of the Zambezi River? Name five members of the … Continue reading

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