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Assessment Thinking: Two new reports.

This week two reports were published looking at alternatives to our current qualification and assessment framework. I’m still processing them but I thought I’d share them here for ease of reference, with some initial thoughts. I’m especially interested because I’m just putting the finishing touches to a National Baccalaureate Trust consultation document and questionnaire that … Continue reading

Classroom dialogue and behaviour management, hand-in-hand.

I’ve often felt that it is helpful to link behaviour management techniques to learning routines so that the behaviour routines have an explicit purpose and, at the same time, the learning routines have a structure and some rigour to them. If you can get everyone listening whenever you want and involve everyone in productive purposeful … Continue reading

Behaviour. A 10-post blog round-up.

There’s a lot being said about behaviour right now and I’ve been delving into my archive for various posts on the subject. Turns out I’ve written quite a few so here they are in one place – for my easy reference as much as anything.

Don’t judge. Just help.

Evidence of our deep ‘judge and rate’ culture can be seen and heard everywhere. Nearly everyone does it – it’s in us! Great teacher; great lesson. Ah,that was a crap lesson…Hmm, not bad, a solid lesson…. oh wow, what a wonderful lesson. Lovely books; shoddy books. In old money – probably a 3 on the … Continue reading

Gavin’s Official New Assessment Directive.

Keeping to the protocol of issuing significant guidance just as the holidays begin, a new directive^ was dropped this morning. In order to support schools with the task of awarding grades this summer, Secretary of State, Gavin WillYamSon has introduced fresh guidance. “He’s done his best, poor lamb” said a source. Here’s a brief summary: … Continue reading

Understanding Assessment: 20 CPD slides.

I’ve delivered multiple presentations and webinars about assessment for schools as training and, more recently, as part of a joint initiative with Century Learning. I’ve used these slides on multiple occasions – so I thought I’d share them here with brief explanatory notes. Purpose. Assessment serves different purposes. Some assessments – mostly the formative kind … Continue reading

Making sense of assessment and curriculum reform…. in the mess of conflated debates.

There are so many important and interesting debates going on at the moment. What experiences and knowledge should all students encounter in a great curriculum? How far should this be determined centrally or at school level? How do we reward students’ achievements and communicate the standards they have reached – in a range of endeavours … Continue reading

New Blog Amp Initiative

I tried this last year but quickly found it took too much time and we didn’t gain much traction. However, I’m keen to try again with a new method that is more self-sustaining and automatic. If you would like to get some additional traction for a blog post, fill in the details in this form, … Continue reading

Character dispositions. Teach them. Model them. Develop them. Celebrate them. But, please, don’t measure them.

Add title Recently, on various panels, in responses during training events and in articles I’ve read, I’ve encountered people reacting to the current curriculum and assessment debates by promoting the idea that we should be giving more value to developing students’ dispositions – to their character – rather than focus so much on grades and … Continue reading

Planning Professional Learning: One system; three streams.

There’s lots of superb discussion going on at the moment about the nature of professional development in schools and colleges. It’s great to see. In my day-to-day work, I engage with this all the time, encountering a wide range of approaches, attitudes and levels of confidence. Some places have mature systems supporting self-driven teachers embracing … Continue reading

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