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Generating Centre Assessed Grades 2020

Here are some thoughts on the challenge of generating centre-assessed grades,  offered in solidarity – I don’t have to do this myself.  I recognise the difficulties whilst also believing it’s the best way forward in the circumstances. The full guidance from Ofqual is available here: General Comments First of all I think there’s a process … Continue reading

When TOWIE came to school. OMG!!!!

I found this in my drafts.. never posted it, but now people need some cheering up, here’s a story for you. Headship is a funny business.  Sometimes things don’t go quite as you might expect.  This little episode happened in the summer of 2012 when I was a Headteacher.  With budget pressures growing, we were … Continue reading

The joy of creative collaboration.

March 30th is the publication day for Teaching WalkThrus  my new collaboration with the wonderful Oliver Caviglioli and John Catt Ltd, the publishing powerhouse run by Alex Sharratt.  It’s been such a fabulous project to work on –  a total joy from start to finish.  I think this is what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s concept of ‘flow’ feels … Continue reading

Planning the Long-Haul Part 2: Goals and Milestones

It’s been an amazing week – impressive, awe-inspiring, heart-warming  – watching as the teaching profession has risen to the challenge of keeping learning going during the shut-down.  Incredibly it’s only Week 1.   Already I can see that some re-grouping and stock-taking is needed if people are going to keep going.  The @teachertapp  data suggests that … Continue reading

Rosenshine Masterclass Captured. Free CPD!

In response to demand for my workshops and masterclasses on Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction, I’ve recorded a screen capture of me talking through the slides I use for my one-day events. The slides are available here I have posted the links on youtube in a playlist that can be found here: There is 2 1/2 … Continue reading

Setting work for a long-haul shut-down.

With a national school shutdown about to happen most schools will already be well into thinking through how to keep the learning going for what could be several weeks; perhaps the whole summer term.    For GCSE and A level classes there’s a huge question about how exams will be managed  – that’s an issue … Continue reading

A model for the learning process. And why it helps to have one.

One of the most powerful ideas I’ve engaged with recently is using a diagram to visualise a shared model of the learning process; using it to get a feel for how learning works in general but also to identify reasons for why it can sometimes not happen.   This is the diagram I have in … Continue reading

Re-reading Nuthall’s Hidden Lives of Learners. Insights from a classic.

“If we are to understand how teaching relates to learning, we have to begin at the closest point to that learning; and that is students’ experience.”  Nuthall. 2001.  Lots of people have written reviews of Graham Nuthall’s Hidden Lives of Learners  published posthumously in 2007.  It’s often cited as a must-read by conference speakers, including … Continue reading

7 Variables Between/Within Schools: Where are you on each scale?

I wrote a short thread on twitter this week outlining five key variables that I detect when I visit schools.  These are things that I’m struck by; things that I notice because the range is so wide.   It gained some interest and a request to write it up – so here it is.  I’ve extended … Continue reading

The @teacherhead Blog Amp #4

#4 1st Feb 2020 Full Name : Elliot Morgan. Twitter @name: @MorgsEd Blog Post Title: How can we assess knowledge? Blog url: https://mrmorgsthoughts.wordpress.com/2020/01/03/how-can-we-assess-knowledge/ Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): This blog looks at assessing two different types of knowledge: substantive and disciplinary. It warns of a potential problem with focusing too heavily on … Continue reading

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