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Learning by Heart: Poetry comes to Physics

Part 1: Poetry by Heart This week at KEGS we published the latest in our Learning Lessons series. This issue documents a fabulously exciting project masterminded by our Head of English, the esteemed Dr David Greenwood.  David and two colleagues, French teacher Alex Steele and Latin teacher Frank Garcia, all teach the same Year 7 … Continue reading

Y9 Science Co-construction Continues with Space and Pressure

Following the last post on my Year 9 co-construction activities, we have been enjoying learning about Space and Pressure.  The Space Team has had a lot of interesting ideas and, between us, we have planned and delivered some interesting lessons. The lessons on scale of distance and size in the universe and solar system were … Continue reading

My Exam Results Postmortem

My Exam Results Postmortem. Don’t you just love exam results days? I always have….all the anticipation, the nerves, the agonising wait and then, finally….the big reveal.  Jubilation and despair and everything in between….wrapping up years of endeavour in one big moment. It’s an emotional field day. When that email arrives from the Exams Officer carrying … Continue reading

iGCSE Physics Co-construction #1

Imagine my delight when, just before term started, Arjun sent me this: a 20 page Revision Guide for the Waves unit we completed last year. Along with Kishen and Karam, Arjun was part of my co-construction team at the end of Year 10. The background to this process is described here.  (Arjun is also the … Continue reading

Hawking: “We are all different…but we all share the human spirit”

As a Physics teacher, it has been a fabulous year for major events to bring the subject closer to students: the Higgs boson discovery at the LHC, the Venus Sun transit, the Mars Curiosity landing.  Each of these events gives us cause to contemplate our existence on our lonely planet.   This was all captured … Continue reading

Setting Cover? No need: Email exchange with Year 10 student

Co-Construction in Action with Year 10 Physics This is the email exchange I had with a Y10 student earlier this week: (for some context take a look at this post and linked pdf to see what the co-construction process entails. Arjun is one of the team co-teaching the Waves unit this term. They had recently … Continue reading

Co-Constructing Learning

Please click this link for the full pdf: Co-construction: Learning in the hands of learners This issue of the KEGS Learning Lessons series describes how students have been involved in planning and delivering the IGCSE Physics course  and the Year 7 RE course. It is at an early stage of development but is already proving … Continue reading

Youtube Excel Tutorials at GCSE

Last term my Y10s were studying forces and motion.  Something I’ve had success with in the past is using Excel to construct models for stopping distance.  This gives students an opportunity to combine learning some good IT skills, generic modelling skills and to deepen their understanding of the key physics concepts – such as reaction … Continue reading

Introducing Y10 to Sal Khan

Today I launched my mission to make my Year 10s the most e-savvy learners they can be.  (How else to put it? ) I had two things to show them today: a) Khan Academy and b) Twitter. An opportunistic last-minute booking of an ICT room was the first hurdle successfully overcome. Seat of my pants … Continue reading

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