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If you find some of the ideas expressed in this blog or my books useful, it could be that your school or organisation could benefit from the services of teacherhead-consulting at some point in the future, working with the WalkThrus materials as featured on walkthrus.co.uk. However, I’m now getting booked up very far in advance and have decided to stop taking ad hoc bookings so that I can plan my time more efficiently.

If you would like to register your interest in any type of support, please complete this form. I will review the list of requests from time to time, when I am in a position to respond. I will then contact people to let you know what I can offer. This will happen approximately once a month. I’m sorry that I’m unable to reply more quickly than that.

Current Date Limit:   I’m now fully committed until January 2023.  I’ll only be looking at requests of any kind for events after that date.

If you want immediate access to excellent PD resources with slides and videos, please take a look at the WalkThrus website. A one-off visit will pass but the materials last for ever!


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