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If you find some of the ideas expressed in this blog or my books useful, it could be that your school or organisation could benefit from the services of @teacherhead-consulting.  Please contact me to discuss how we could work together. I am based in London but I’m happy to travel to work anywhere in the UK or around the world.

Please Note: I am now fully booked for the 2019/20 academic year.   I’m happy to take enquires for 2020/21 academic year.  Let’s plan ahead! 

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Below  is a brief summary of some of the areas I might be able to support you with.  You can also see  a sample of the work I’ve already being doing on this blog.  I can provide testimonials from previous clients on request.

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UK, Ireland and Channel Islands. 2018.

 Consultancy Support for Senior and Middle Leaders: 

Delivering bespoke long-term training programmes, one-off training sessions, audits of current practice with a report and recommendations; working with individuals and teams for a day or with multiple visits over the space of several months:

  • Strategic reviews, monitoring processes and intervention plans – at whole-school or departmental level.
  • Curriculum Planning:  How to balance breadth and depth at whole-school level; possibly introducing the National Baccalaureate to your school.
  • Authentic Assessment:  Making assessment meaningful for you, your students and parents at KS3 and beyond.
  • Implementing an excellent research-informed CPD programme:

CPD for Teachers:  

From a one-off keynote address to fire people up to a series of bespoke training sessions working with the whole staff or smaller groups, I can offer training in a range of areas:

  • Teaching Great Lessons: An overview of the principles of effective practice.
  • “Contemporary Educational Ideas all Teachers Should Know About”: I have expertise in implementing research-informed teaching in several settings.
  • The Silver Arrows:  Simple ideas to have immediate impact.
  • Teaching for stretch and challenge or ‘teaching to the top’ – one of my most common requests.
  • Behaviour Management – designing whole-school systems and putting the ideas of Bill Rogers and others into practice in the classroom.
  • Becoming research-engaged; staying in touch with the latest thinking and how to make use of it.
  • Assessment and feedback for maximum impact and minimum workload. How to reduce marking and make your school feedback policy coherent and effective.

Here are a couple of Sample Programmes:

Governor and/or  SLT Support: 

  • School Improvement Partner (SIP) work.  I have some capacity to support more schools with multiple visits per year culminating in an annual report.
  • Recruitment and performance review processes – I can bring my expertise to support you as an external voice.
  • Understanding Progress 8, RaiseOnline and assessment data in general.

Writing Activities: 

If you need help with writing your vision document, generating exciting copy for your website or if you are struggling to produce a school development plan, I could help.

If you are interested and would like to discuss possibilities including costs and timing, please contact me via the form below:

Please Note: I am now fully booked for the 2019/20 academic year.   I’m happy to take enquires for 2020/21 academic year.  Let’s plan ahead! 

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From Toronto to Bangkok via Europe and the Middle East 2018

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