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My Evolution Assembly. And the Young Creationists.

“Charles Darwin had a big idea; arguably, the most powerful idea ever.” Richard Dawkins That’s the quote I used to start my assemblies this week.  To me, it’s the most important and extraordinary story children should know and understand.  The story of evolution, of how we came into existence as Homo sapiens roaming the Earth … Continue reading

Our Christmas Assembly. Refugees, London, Kindness.

This year, the theme of our Christmas assembly was the link between us, the refugee crisis and the Christmas story. We also threw in some entertainment courtesy of the school choir and orchestra.  It may seem incongruous but a belting performance of Bohemian Rhapsody the school choir was an amazing opener; a personal highlight from … Continue reading

Bus Lane Assembly: We all gain from enforcing the rules.

The material in this post is the basis of an assembly I’ve given before about the need for enforcing rules. I’m about to use this particular preach again as we continue to push forward on our drive for impeccable behaviour. It’s been an intense few weeks as students learn where the boundaries lie, with literally … Continue reading

Assembly ideas and materials

Here are some materials  to stimulate reflection and discussion in assemblies.  Note – this is an old post and some material is dated and would need to be reviewed and updated.  I no longer maintain this post to keep it current – but the general ideas suggested might still provide some support in planning assemblies. … Continue reading

Assembly Idea: Can you get a straw through a potato? What does that tell you?

The ‘Straw through Potato’ assembly is one that is often referred to as part of the KEGS banter.  It is up there with ‘Lessons from Geese’ and ‘When I Taught The Verve’ as most-remembered (aka most-mocked) assemblies. But I like this one. I first encountered the idea as part of an INSET day at a … Continue reading

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