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Great Lessons 9: Possibilities

“The sky’s the limit”…… It’s a wonderful motivating phrase.  It suggests that anything is possible; that there are no limits.  To infinity and beyond and all that….   As I’ve discussed already in Differentiation and Challenge and Journeys, the straight-jacket of one-size-fits-all learning activities is deadly.  In Great Lessons, it should be our default-setting to think … Continue reading

Year 7 British Museum ‘Family Learning’ Project

British Museum Family Learning Project We have just collected in the final pieces of work from our Year 7 British Museum project and the results are stunning.  This is the third year we have run the project.  In the first year, we tried it with just one Year 7 class; this is the second year … Continue reading

How can we teach for creativity and innovation?

It is uncontroversial that for us to solve Humanity’s problems, to create the conditions for a sustainable future and also to maximise the cultural richness of our lives, we need to develop our collective capacity to be creative and innovative. It also flows fairly obviously that our education system should contribute to this process.  Creativity … Continue reading

Homework Matters: Great teachers set great homework

As long as I’ve been teaching, I’ve held the view that homework makes a massive difference to the learning process. Without any doubt, students who are successful at A level and at GCSE are those who have highly developed independent learning skills, have the capacity to lead the learning process through their questions and ideas … Continue reading

Hawking: “We are all different…but we all share the human spirit”

As a Physics teacher, it has been a fabulous year for major events to bring the subject closer to students: the Higgs boson discovery at the LHC, the Venus Sun transit, the Mars Curiosity landing.  Each of these events gives us cause to contemplate our existence on our lonely planet.   This was all captured … Continue reading

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