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All in a Tweet: Teaching great lessons? It’s down to us.

If there was no OfSTED, no league tables, no SLT… just you and your class..what would you choose to do to make it GREAT? Do that anyway… — Tom Sherrington (@headguruteacher) February 28, 2013 This is one of the most re-tweeted and recycled 140-character message I’ve thrown into the twittersphere.  Every so often, it goes around … Continue reading

Educational Twitter: CPD; Community; Inspiration

This post is really just an excuse to put this brilliant tube map into my blog. It is the labour of love of Pete Jones, @Pekabelo, the Jersey photoshop maestro and professional enthusiast.  I am thrilled to be on it representing Liverpool Street.  The full size map can be downloaded here. My journey into twitter … Continue reading

The quiet CPD Revolution… getting louder! Twitter

I wrote this for our student newspaper @KEGS_Ambassador: My journey into Twitter Two years ago we started the @KEGS_Chelmsford Twitter feed as a way to get school news out to parents.  We now have over 550 followers.  However, beyond that I’d have said that Twitter was just a stream of txt-spk trivia and celebrity gossip. … Continue reading

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