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The @teacherhead Blog Amp #2

#2  7th December  2019


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November 30th The @teacherhead Blog Amp #1

Full Name : Robbie Burns (I blog as Mr.Burns)

Blog Post Title: The Architecture of High Expectations

Blog url: https://howthenshouldweteach.wordpress.com/2019/09/07/the-architecture-of-high-expectations/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): I was often told at the beginning of my career: ‘You must set high expectations’. But what does that actually mean in the classroom? Is there visible, obvious, replicable things that teachers can do to maintain this elusive goal? And what difference does it actually make anyway to pupil outcomes? This blog post reflects on how I learned what ‘high expectations’ mean and how I maintain them in my classroom.

Full Name : Lewis Jenkins

Blog Post Title: 10 Steps to Becoming An Outstanding Teacher in 2020

Blog url: https://medium.com/@esdtrips/10-steps-to-becoming-an-outstanding-teacher-in-2020-364392593330

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): Sustainability and teaching

Full Name : Jonathan Kay  Twitter @name: @jonnykayteacher

Blog Post Title: Teaching structure – a simpler approach

Blog url: https://www.thereflectiveteacher.co.uk/post/teaching-structure-a-simpler-approach

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): A look at an alternative way to teach structure in GCSE English Language

Full Name : Andy Woodcock  Twitter @name: @blastmaths

Blog Post Title: Ramblings from the Classroom

Blog url: https://blastmaths.com/2019/12/01/ramblings-from-the-classroom-week-12/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): A weekly blog on things I am trying out in the classroom and evaluating my thoughts on their effectiveness

Full Name : Dr Preece  Twitter @name: @DoctorPreece

Blog Post Title: Baby steps with booklets…

Blog url: https://drpreece.home.blog/2019/11/01/reflections-baby-steps-with-booklets/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): Reflections on my first half term, teaching with booklets for Physical Geography at KS5

Full Name : jakobwerdelin  Twitter @name: @WerdelinEdu

Blog Post Title: Participatory Budgeting in Schools#7: In the bright light of Rosenshine

Blog url: https://cooperativelearning.works/2019/05/30/participatory-budgeting-in-schools7-in-the-bright-light-of-rosenshine/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): How does Project-Based Learning fit with Barak Rosenshine’s principles of instruction? Here’s a take on how Cooperative Learning helps cuts through that discussion, based on Tom Sherrington’s summary.

Full Name : There’s a Hadeda in my Garden  Twitter @name: @timothyjejarvis

Blog Post Title: There’s a Hadeda in my Garden

Blog url: http://timothyjejarvis.wordpress.com

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): Born in England, developed in Zimbabwe, living and growing in South Africa. I am passionate about education generally, and wellbeing in schools specifically. My blog considers educational issues, teen well-being and boarding school life in a small valley somewhere in KwaZulu-Natal. As a guidance counsellor and member of the Global Advisory Board of the University of St Andrews I also explore topics related to Higher Education. In 2018 I was the conference lead at the inaugural researchED conference in South Africa and was Programme Director for researchED Cape Town in 2019.

Full Name : Andy Byers.   Twitter @name: @framheadteacher

Blog Post Title: What we measure affects what we do

Blog url: https://framheadteacher.com/2019/12/06/what-we-measure-affects-what-we-do/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): Politicians have suddenly become obsessed with the PISA rankings as justification for their education policies. This obsession isn’t particularly healthy.



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