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Evaluating and Improving our Practice: A Paradigm Shift

In the last week, a series of events and meetings at my school signalled collectively that we’ve turned a corner with our view of some key processes. How we evaluate¬†and improve the quality of teaching overall. The role of lesson observations The way we regard our action research activities as a feature of self-evaluation and … Continue reading

Taking Stock of the Education Agenda Part 2

I started writing this some time ago, taking stock of a range of educational issues based on various influences in the last year, not least of which has been some of the bloggers – as shown here.¬† I ran out of steam after three sections in Part 1: Professional Capital Teaching and Learning Principled Curriculum … Continue reading

Psycho vs Wimp: The PRP Debate

The debate about the merits of Performance Related Pay is going to rumble on, with schools grappling with new PRP requirements in their pay policies, strike action around the country and newly promoted politicians like Tristam Hunt asked to take a view on whether PRP is a good thing. I worry that the debate we … Continue reading

Towards a fair performance pay policy.

Just like everyone else, we are currently in the process of putting our pay policy together with a draft out for consultation. I’m sharing these thoughts as a work in progress whilst they might be of use elsewhere and to get feedback while the issue is still live. The process may change further in response … Continue reading

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