EduGiveUK Curriculum Conference supporting @FareShareUK in partnership with @SchoolsWeek

In case you haven’t picked this up from my twitter feed, my daughter and I have set up an organisation EduGiveUK to run fund-raising events and our first endeavour is a Curriculum Conference on October 1-2 supporting FareShareUK.

The event is being run in partnership with SchoolsWeek with additional sponsorship from Hodder Education, Century Learning and John Catt Education. With their support we can give every £ from ticket sales to support the work of FareShareUK. We’ve already raised £15,000 and we’re aiming to double that if we can.

Event details are here:

There will be 25 40-minute webinars on curriculum related issues. See the session titles below to give you a flavour. You can watch live at any point on Friday and Saturday 1-2 October or via recordings. We’ll send you a document with links to all the recordings and slides shortly after the event – so you can use them for staff CPD at any time you choose. All for £50!

The line-up is fabulous – just take a look:


9.00 Bennie Kara – The Power of Stories: Diversity in the Curriculum

9.50 Tom Sherrington – The Case for Introductory Overviews to Support Schema Building

10.40 Jeffrey Boakye – Bringing your whole self: Core values and the curriculum

11.30 James Mannion – Implementation science: a curriculum for effective change management

12.20 Debra Kidd – A Curriculum of Hope – As Rich in Humanity as in Knowledge

BREAK 13.00-13.30

13.30 Jon Hutchinson – Knowledge, organised? Using secondary order concepts to build curriculum progression

14.20 Martin Robinson – Beetle in a Box: Consciousness and Curriculum

15.10 Sonia Thompson – Linking Evidence-Informed Practice To Berger’s Ethic of Excellence

16.00 Lekha Sharma – Big Picture Curriculum Thinking- What can be gained?

16.50 John Tomsett – HUH: Curriculum Conversations Between Subject and Senior Leaders


9.00 Richard Kennett – Less is more: Why a successful knowledge rich curriculum is about reducing rather than increasing content.

9.50 John Petry – The Gap Between The Planned Curriculum and The Curriculum That Is Experienced

10.40 Hywel Roberts – Botheredness: Using Story to Protecting Children Into Complexity

11.30 Kirsty Behan – How and why we should include entry level certificates (and other alternative qualifications) into the secondary mainstream curriculum

12.20 Alex Quigley – Reading and Writing: The Gateway to Curriculum Access

BREAK 13.00 – 13.30

13.30 Emma Turner – From subject coordination to subject leadership – effective practice in primary subject leadership

14.20 Alex Pethick – The Curriculum as the Progression Model: How to develop substantive and disciplinary knowledge through a well-sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum

15.10 Clare Sealy

16.00 Nimish Lad – Communicating the Curriculum to Drive Improvement


  • Mary Myatt – Barriers to embedding the curriculum: Why flight paths are a very bad thing
  • Christine Counsell – Thinking Big: Making a school curriculum bigger than the sum of its parts
  • Chris Fountain – The Intuitive Curriculum: How Can We Make Shared Classroom Resources Easy to Use?
  • Craig Barton – SSDD Problems: What are they, why might they be good, and do they work outside of maths?
  • Claire Stoneman, Faisal Lohar and Vicky Barwell – Creating a Culture of Curriculum
  • Lavinya Stennett

Please lend your support and join us for an amazing event, raising money for the important work that FareShare does tackling hunger and food waste.

We’re incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received so far – please do join us. You don’t want to miss this!

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  1. I think it is definitely worth having these as we can allocate time across the year I’m sure. It’s a shame it’s after 28th which is our curriculum inset, but we have plenty to be getting on with.

    Best wishes,

    Jo Holdsworth

    Assistant Headteacher



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