New Blog Amp Initiative

I tried this last year but quickly found it took too much time and we didn’t gain much traction. However, I’m keen to try again with a new method that is more self-sustaining and automatic.

If you would like to get some additional traction for a blog post, fill in the details in this form, . It looks like this:

This will then create a self-compiling list of blogs with a synopsis, links and tweets for sharing.

The list can be viewed here.

Hopefully that will help people to promote their blogs. I will RT all of the tweets that appear in the table, at least once. I won’t check for accuracy or filter the content – but I will remove blogs that are entirely commercial or seem to be written anonymously; some follow-up with a real person might be needed.

One comment

  1. Hi Tom,
    I tried to post this, but my website URL didn’t work, unsure why, and I don’t use Twitter…
    I haven’t blogged for a while, because my tech partner and I stopped working together, AND because it didn’t seem to reach the right people, or enough people? Even though what I do is around explicit instruction (especially for literacy) – teachers don’t seem to have the time or energy to read blogs? OR they just don’t see value in them? My intention is to start back in the next couple of weeks… Please post what you find from this, as it may help me too? ps love your book and your tube on “cold calling” is great- will be sharing this with schools I work with in Australia! Many thanks!

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