St Jude Vapour Trails. Album Released!

Between 2003 and 2010 I recorded some songs with my friend and former colleague Tom Andrew-Power.  We called ourselves St Jude.  I played the music and Tom wrote all the words and sings.  We recorded some songs in a studio with producer Adam Fox who also plays several instruments on certain songs.  Recently I discovered that it’s possible to release an album  – via Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and YouTube.   Here it is.

The Spotify Link is here

And here are the songs on YouTube:

If you want to download the mp3s (go on!) you can get them from Amazon music:

I’m fully anticipating maximum tumbleweed – but it’s fun to share this, just because I can.


  1. Love this Tom and as we go to a St Jude’s it’s worth a reminder that Jude was a patron saint ….. and this will make you smile or delete my comment …… of lost causes


  2. Dear Tom ,
    Very interested in your connection with St Jude as I discovered the band about 4 years ago and regularly play the CD. It has a great 70s sound and the female lead singer has a great rock voice. When I discovered the CD I was intrigued as to who the members were and how did the band come to be formed . As a 60 plus music fan my introduction to the music scene was in the late 60s and of course throughout the 70s. I remember you had made reference to St Jude in one of your previous blogs.


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