Building a Free Resource-Sharing Directory.

There are so many great blogs and sites out there where people share free high quality resources for teachers in specific subjects.  I thought I could put my twitter and blog reach to good use by creating a directory to make it easy for people to find things.  I’m sure there are others but this is another contribution. 

I am interested mainly in teachers’ sites where they share resources for free; I’m not interested in commercial products or people selling things.  I am not interested in blogs unless they provide downloadable resources. 

If you have a website or a dropbox/google drive/file-share site of any kind where teachers can download specific resources to support their teaching, you might want to add your site to this directory. It might help more people to find what you are sharing.

The directory will be listed by Subject and then by Name in alphabetical order.  Eventually it will have search and filter features; to begin with it will be a simple list.

If you complete the form below, I will upload the information every few days.  This will appear on a dedicated page on my blog.  It’s essentially a list of links; none of the material is hosted on my site. I will promote the directory via my twitter account which might increase traffic to your site for more sharing! 

It’s an experiment. Let’s see if it works. 

If you want me to remove your site at any time, just ask, using the Description box in the form.

If you find material that you feel falls below  normal professional standards, let me know. 

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