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Curriculum Notes #3: The Case for A Broad Orientation (Feat. Stormzy* vs Mozart)

Every so often the Stormzy* vs Mozart debate returns via one media outlet or another. Here is one example: Instead?! It’s ludicrous isn’t it. Funny really. You’d imagine your average teenager was crying out in despair – please, I beg you, for God’s sake, enough with the Mozart, can’t we, just for once, listen to … Continue reading

Applying the CogSci – examples from across the curriculum. #EdFest

As I engage with more teachers and hear more presentations from people exploring ideas from cognitive science, I find more and more coherence emerging around the central ideas about learning and memory; I also find wider resonance across curriculum areas as people explore the all-important question: how does this apply to my context? This was … Continue reading

The genius of DT Willingham and WDSLS.

This week I received a delivery of Dan Willingham’s Why Don’t Students Like School 2nd Edition from the bookshop and I’ve been reading through it, taking it in, refreshing my connection with the key ideas. It’s not a ‘Book 2’ but very much an updated version of the orginal. There’s an additional chapter on technology … Continue reading

CPD Models. 8 different ways teachers can engage in professional learning

As my work with various schools and colleges progresses, I’m increasingly aware of a wide range of approaches to professional development across the system. In certain contexts, each of these delivers positive outcomes and I feel it’s important not to be to absolute or purist about CPD structures given that so many models can deliver. … Continue reading

10 Years on Twitter…

Evidently I first joined twitter exactly 10 years ago. Gosh – where has all that time gone! 80.4K tweets and 115k followers later, it continues to play a fairly major role in how I engage with the world and I owe it a great deal. In truth, June 2011 was a just a brief flirtation; … Continue reading

My favourite CPD question for weaving teaching concepts and strategies together.

During a CPD session I often involve participants in a simulated classroom situation in order to model and explore a range technique and learning issues. My favourite question is this, posed in this slide: In theory I could ask any question but I love this one because I’ve found it works so well in demonstrating … Continue reading

Teaching is buzzing; the professional community has never felt more dynamic.

From my recent experience engaging with schools and teachers in person and online – as I discussed on a recent podcast interview with James Mannion – I truly believe there’s never been a better time to get into teaching. The whole community of teachers, leaders and supporting professionals seems so energetic and dynamic – I … Continue reading

Fundamentals for getting back on track.

Earlier this week I posted this tweet: This was partly in response to hearing various proposals from official folk and the normal Big Voices suggesting schools extend their days and offer all kinds of extras. It was also a response to my sense that schools already have their plates full regrouping after the lockdowns and … Continue reading

Five Steps Towards an Embedded Coaching and CPD Culture.

Lots of schools are now reviewing their approach to teacher development, appraisal, quality assurance, lesson observation, performance management, CPD, the Early Career Framework….. trying to make it all more integrated, more coherent, more motivating and, ultimately more successful in improving the quality of teaching leading to better outcomes. The challenge school leaders often wrestle with … Continue reading

Written feedback on lessons is mostly pointless. Better to meet, review and plan – together.

I’ve been thinking of all the many hours I’ve spent over the years writing up lesson observation notes for various purposes and, more and more, I feel that this was nearly always a giant waste of time. I tweeted this – it seemed to resonate. Quite often people confuse ‘ego’ with ‘having an excessively large … Continue reading

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