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Cold Calling: The #1 strategy for inclusive classrooms – remote and in person.

Based on my experience working with hundreds of teachers in numerous contexts, I’d suggest that one of the strategies with the biggest impact on the overall effectiveness of lessons is the routine use of cold-call questioning. More and more I find that, rather than merely promoting it, I am strongly advocating it, basically saying: every … Continue reading

Time to replace ‘formal observation’ systems with Instructional Coaching for everyone #CPD

As our thinking about what works in education develops, the concept of formal lesson observation conducted by school leaders (and visiting consultants and inspectors) seems to me to be increasingly flawed – even preposterous. And yet, it is deeply embedded in our systems and culture that in doing their duty in relation to securing high … Continue reading

Principles for Remote Instruction: Notes from a #TLAC Masterclass.

Earlier this week I was thrilled to be invited by Doug Lemov to take part in one of the online workshops run by his brilliant Uncommon Schools organisation. (You can find out more about the workshops here. ) It was such a great experience to engage with training that completely walked the talk: a workshop … Continue reading

Applying Rosenshine’s Principles to specific contexts.

As a consequence of writing a book and various blog posts about Rosenshine’s Principles of instruction and using them a lot in my training, I often get asked whether the principles apply in various other specific contexts – or how to interpret them. Generally my response is two-fold: To stress that Rosenshine’s principles are not … Continue reading

Remote Learning: Live or offline, cover the basic elements.

As schools and colleges return to full-on remote learning, I’ve been asked multiple times to provide suggestions to support teachers in this endeavour and to provide CPD inputs for teachers in various contexts. Of course I don’t have students of my own but I have delivered a lot of online training and gleaned a lot … Continue reading

Remote Learning Solutions: Crowd-sourced ideas for checking students’ writing

I was curious about the problem of engaging with students’ writing during remote learning. How do you know how students are getting on in real time? How do you give feedback in a manageable way? The response I got from this tweet was magnificent – open up the thread to see all the replies. I … Continue reading

Trust. It’s conditional.

Last year, I was asked to deliver some INSET-day input about relationships – between adults and children and, interestingly, between adults themselves. I wrote it up here: Relationships at School: The Adults. As part of my preparation for this, I found this article by a writer called Hannah Price (click the image). I think she captures … Continue reading

Six Things That Made My Teaching Better – for me and my students.

This is a summary of the presentation I gave for the Greenshaw Learning Trust’s National INSET day on December 18th. A link to the video is here: The essence of the talk is a reflection on some of the things that I introduced into my practice as a teacher that I found made my life … Continue reading

School communities… invincible, inspiring, irreplaceable.

I’ve spent the week sorting my home office.. Each time I’ve moved schools, there’s been a box of stuff I’ve carried from one school to the next, then the next, then the next. It’s interesting looking at the stuff you keep. Photos, memorabilia, cards and magazines, bits of pieces of work you think might be … Continue reading

We know the problem. Let’s offer up some solutions. Don’t be Kevin.

When I was at Holland Park School in the 90s, there was a big review of the timing of the day as we moved to a five-period day -from whatever had gone before. There was a legendary staff meeting when the options for the model were presented. One issue was the configuration of the periods. … Continue reading

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