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For the joy of it. Just run.

Today I had a day off. No work. No pressure. Just time to do things I wanted to do. What did I do – I went running.  I’ve been on an up and down journey with running as I documented in this blog: Goals, Set-backs and the Psychology of Giving Up.  which includes this image: Back in … Continue reading

Small change; big impact. Six suggestions.

Sometimes switching to using different teaching strategies can feel like a fairly major upheaval for some people.  That is especially true if they require new resources to be produced.  However, very often, I think that a teacher could make a big impact in their practice by making quite  small changes to the routine way they … Continue reading

Curriculum Models 2020: A new collection exercise – please contribute.

In 2017 I produced a collection of 40 secondary curriculum models:  40 Curriculum Models 2017: It contains a set of models from a range of school types including some middle schools.  People have found it useful but at at time when lots of schools have been reviewing their curriculum structures it seems like a good time … Continue reading

Tight-Loose and the Folly of Prescriptive Lesson Structures.

Jeez. There are some serious control freaks out there!  And this is a problem. A big one.  I’ve seen a lot of discussion about this and it’s actually heartening to see so many united against the forces of control-freakery – but it’s still so utterly depressing to hear of teachers forced to comply with robotic … Continue reading

Blog 600. On Being Grateful.

I started this blog back in May 2012 messing about with a picture of me standing in my kitchen.  I didn’t know what I was doing or where it would lead.  Amazingly, seven and a bit years on,  this is my 600th public published blog post. The stats show that I’m close to hitting the … Continue reading

Two Years of The Learning Rainforest

Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky    Khalil Gibran It’s exactly two years ago today that The Learning Rainforest was published by John Catt Ltd. In that time, over 16,000 copies of the book have been sold worldwide and I’ve had some wonderful feedback from teachers everywhere alongside positive responses from some … Continue reading

The Learning Rainforest FIELDBOOK!!

October 18th marks the publication date for The Learning Rainforest Fieldbook.  It’s so exciting to reach the date when something you’ve been working on for a long time  finally comes to fruition – I just can’t wait for people to read it. Fieldbook comes out almost exactly two years after The Learning Rainforest was published … Continue reading

The #1 problem/weakness in teaching and how to address it.

I see a lot of lessons – hundreds of them in multiple contexts – and I’m going to suggest that there is one very common challenge that teachers face that is often not addressed well enough, even by experienced teachers.  In my view, it’s the single biggest reason for lessons being ineffective or certainly less … Continue reading

Rosenshine’s Principles: 10 FAQs.

Having published the little red and black booklet, Rosenshine’s Principles in Action, I now get asked to talk about it a lot.  I also get asked a lot of the same questions.  Here’s a sample of 10 FAQs. 1. Do the principles all apply to every lesson? No.  It’s really important not to think of … Continue reading

Signposting the hinterland: practical ways to enrich your core curriculum.

Working with several schools on curriculum development over the last couple of years, a regular challenge has been to resolve the tensions that arise from having finite time and the inherent need to make a selection of  material to teach from all the possibilities that swirl around.  What to cover? What to leave out?  How … Continue reading

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