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Re-thinking Observation and Feedback: Solving the learning problems.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently about the problems with standard observation and feedback processes and what a better approach might be.  First of all, let’s look at the standard process: Typically, a teacher is observed by someone in the school hierarchy tasked with a role related to quality assurance.   The prevailing … Continue reading

Feedback? I don’t want to hear it. Here’s why.

Giving and receiving feedback is part and parcel of school life – but it is complicated.  Here are some thoughts based on my own recent experience with it. Recently I’ve run a couple of courses for commercial training providers where, as a matter of routine, they ask for feedback from delegates.  I’m assuming the purpose … Continue reading

The @teacherhead Blog Amp #1

#1 30th November 2019 Full Name : Elizabeth Mountstevens   Twitter @name: @DrMountstevens Blog Title: Filling the Tool Box (1) Blog url: https://catalysinglearning.wordpress.com/2019/11/25/filling-the-tool-box-1/ Short blog description:  An evidence-informed approach to teaching students problem-solving strategies as part of a series on metacognition Full Name : Jonathan Mountstevens   Twitter @name: @MrMountstevens Blog Title: The Strait and Narrow Way of Curriculum Leadership … Continue reading

The @teacherhead Blog Amp.

I appreciate the support I have had from lots of people who have shared my blogs multiple times over the years and I feel that I should help others in a similar way. However I am not a fan of being tagged into blog posts on twitter for a variety of reasons so I’m going … Continue reading

The groovy prog isn’t the issue; it’s the bad trad.

This is just a short observation.  In the twittersphere, often for good reason, it’s pretty common for people to rally around the flag of condemnation when various bits of edu-babble surface: The learning bicycle/kebab The pyramid of nonsense about learning 10% of what we read – and all that guff The snake oil of brain … Continue reading

5,000,000! Some blogging secrets revealed.

The first confession: checking my blog stats is a bit of an obsession.  I look at them every day – several times. Why?  Because I like it when people read my stuff and I like the patterns and trends as they ebb and flow day to day, week to week and month to month.  To … Continue reading

For the joy of it. Just run.

Today I had a day off. No work. No pressure. Just time to do things I wanted to do. What did I do – I went running.  I’ve been on an up and down journey with running as I documented in this blog: Goals, Set-backs and the Psychology of Giving Up.  which includes this image: Back in … Continue reading

Small change; big impact. Six suggestions.

Sometimes switching to using different teaching strategies can feel like a fairly major upheaval for some people.  That is especially true if they require new resources to be produced.  However, very often, I think that a teacher could make a big impact in their practice by making quite  small changes to the routine way they … Continue reading

Curriculum Models 2020: A new collection exercise – please contribute.

In 2017 I produced a collection of 40 secondary curriculum models:  40 Curriculum Models 2017: It contains a set of models from a range of school types including some middle schools.  People have found it useful but at at time when lots of schools have been reviewing their curriculum structures it seems like a good time … Continue reading

Tight-Loose and the Folly of Prescriptive Lesson Structures.

Jeez. There are some serious control freaks out there!  And this is a problem. A big one.  I’ve seen a lot of discussion about this and it’s actually heartening to see so many united against the forces of control-freakery – but it’s still so utterly depressing to hear of teachers forced to comply with robotic … Continue reading

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