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Teaching is buzzing; the professional community has never felt more dynamic.

From my recent experience engaging with schools and teachers in person and online – as I discussed on a recent podcast interview with James Mannion – I truly believe there’s never been a better time to get into teaching. The whole community of teachers, leaders and supporting professionals seems so energetic and dynamic – I … Continue reading

Fundamentals for getting back on track.

Earlier this week I posted this tweet: This was partly in response to hearing various proposals from official folk and the normal Big Voices suggesting schools extend their days and offer all kinds of extras. It was also a response to my sense that schools already have their plates full regrouping after the lockdowns and … Continue reading

Five Steps Towards an Embedded Coaching and CPD Culture.

Lots of schools are now reviewing their approach to teacher development, appraisal, quality assurance, lesson observation, performance management, CPD, the Early Career Framework….. trying to make it all more integrated, more coherent, more motivating and, ultimately more successful in improving the quality of teaching leading to better outcomes. The challenge school leaders often wrestle with … Continue reading

Written feedback on lessons is mostly pointless. Better to meet, review and plan – together.

I’ve been thinking of all the many hours I’ve spent over the years writing up lesson observation notes for various purposes and, more and more, I feel that this was nearly always a giant waste of time. I tweeted this – it seemed to resonate. Quite often people confuse ‘ego’ with ‘having an excessively large … Continue reading

The DI-KR lobby-bubble and my part in it. (FAO Guy).

Hello Guy. I’ve just been trying to read your Future of Teaching book without getting wound up and, stupid as that is, I’m finding it hard. This is ironic because look what I wrote for your ‘Ruby’ book when you asked me to write a ‘puff’ for it – (your honest word for that thing … Continue reading

Understanding Assessment Part Two: Building student agency.

This blog is the second of a set of ideas used as material for webinars delivered with Century Learning where I set out some key ideas about assessment that might be useful to support teacher CPD. Here is the first post: And here is Part Two. (Slide deck at the bottom) Assessment for student agency. … Continue reading

Everyday Routines 2: Everyone talking productively.

There are so many important reasons to create opportunities for students to talk as part of the learning process: To practise using new vocabulary, from first encounters to fluent use. To explore their ideas and depth of understanding. To rehearse explaining ideas to others. As form of preparation for a writing task. To support various … Continue reading

National Baccalaureate for England. Consultation launched.

The National Baccalaureate Trust has launched a consultation process to gather views about the idea of developing a National Baccalaureate for England. This will run for several months, leading to a full report that takes account of the responses, published with full recommendations in January 2022. If you would like to get involved, please read … Continue reading

Assessment Thinking: Two new reports.

This week two reports were published looking at alternatives to our current qualification and assessment framework. I’m still processing them but I thought I’d share them here for ease of reference, with some initial thoughts. I’m especially interested because I’m just putting the finishing touches to a National Baccalaureate Trust consultation document and questionnaire that … Continue reading

Everyday Routines. Classroom dialogue and behaviour management, hand-in-hand.

I’ve often felt that it is helpful to link behaviour management techniques to learning routines so that the behaviour routines have an explicit purpose and, at the same time, the learning routines have a structure and some rigour to them. If you can get everyone listening whenever you want and involve everyone in productive purposeful … Continue reading

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