How to get your own accredited School/College Baccalaureate up and running..

Earlier this year, the National Baccalaureate Trust published extensive proposals for a fully-worked National Baccalaureate for England. You can read the details here:

However, the NBT also recognises that the policy-making process will take years to agree and enact in the full detail we’d like to see. So, in parallel with the policy lobbying, the NBT has decided to reinvigorate the centre-devised model, offering the opportunity to any school, primary or secondary and any college to offer its own accredited Bacc programme from September 2023.

There’s a description of the criteria and outline process here.

Essentially, it’s a case of building a broad, structured personal development programme and a personal project into the curriculum alongside the core learning. Schools and colleges can get their proposals accredited in Spring or Summer – ahead of a launch with first cohorts in September

Core Learning Personal Project Personal Development Programme 
Subject-based learning including, but not exclusively, the National Curriculum subjects. It includes allformal vocational and academic qualifications from national awarding bodies.
An extended enquiry leading to a significant final product demonstrating a range of skills, knowledge and personal attributes.
Formal Extended Project Qualification or a centre-based equivalent. 
A formal programme recording each learner’s engagement in a range of activities that complement their core learning. To include an element of Leadership and ServiceCreative and Cultural activitiesPhysical and Outdoor activities 

An excellent example that one of the NBT schools developed in the past is illustrated here:

For more information, there’s was a webinar recorded on November 22nd: Click this link to view.

And here are the slides we shared.

A key idea is that centre own their own award -it might be called the Forest Hill Trust Baccalaureate or the Romford College Baccalaureate. The quality will be assured via peer-led accreditation process, matching standards and centre-level criteria that, once accredited, allow centres to determine which students have met their internal criteria.

It could be a powerful lever to engage students in a broad range of activities, giving value to all that they do alongside their core academic or technical curriculum and qualifications. It could also give your school, college or MAT a nicely distinctive identity as all students strive to complete their Baccalaureate over two years.

Go for it! Please join.

NB: It’s free to join in the first year.. in case you’re concerned about costs.


    • I suspect, given the cynical question, you might not fully understand what this is and the status it might have in college or school in England. It’s centre-awarded, therefore does not have status as a national qualification. It’s a grass roots structure we can adopt pending more formal policy change.


      • Thanks for the clarification. A college in most other places in the world (outside of the UK and possibly some ex-colonies) is an institution of higher education and a bachelor (baccalaureate) is a degree from a college or university there. A note for readers not in the UK might have been helpful.

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