Tweets that have flown.

As part of the process of recording what happens via this blog and my twitter feed, this is a  compilation of the tweets that have had the biggest response. It’s a mix of commentary on education and brushes with big-hitting scientists.  And, biggest of all, a student’s attempt to circumvent the rules on mobile phones.

In no particular order:

Nicky Morgan vs The Bell Curve

If there was no OfSTED…

Confiscation of the day

This diagram from Shaun Allison and Andy Tharby

Evolution and Richard Dawkins; and an unfortunate primary headteacher. 

How to govern (although the u-turn isn’t really a u-turn, so it seems.)

Silver Arrows

Brian Cox agreeing with himself. 

10 Provocations – from an ASCL talk with Peter Hyman

Grading Lessons

Principles of effective teaching

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