Trivium 21st C in Practice

The purpose of this post is to collect some of ideas in this blog that link to Martin Robinson’s Trivium 21st C.  For me, Martin’s book is an important source of inspiration but also, the Trivium itself continues to provide the most sensible and practical conceptual framework for delivering what I consider to be a deep, rich and rounded education:

@SurrealAnarchy @Trivium21c Martin Robinson’s wonderful book

This is the blog I wrote after first reading the book, discussing it with Martin as I went along: Trivium 21st C: Could this be the answer?

Moving the debate forward: 

Trivium 21st C, bringing grammar, dialectic and rhetoric to our modern school context, suggests a way to bring out the best in both traditional and progressive educational ideals. Other posts that have dealt with the trad-prog debate include:

A perspective on Seven Myths 

The Progressive-Traditional Pedagogy Tree


Trivium 21st has influenced our overall curriculum design and our priorities for teaching and learning. All of the posts below relate to the ideas directly or indirectly:

Shaping the curriculum: 

The Trivium and the Baccalaureate: The flesh and the bones of a great education.

Our comprehensive curriculum for all

Focusing our teaching and learning priorities; a reading list. 


Ideas about grammar; knowledge

Some knowledge-skills interplay

Drills, skills and being match fit

Pedagogy postcard 7: learning by heart and drilling

Teaching the timeline: chronology as core curriculum

Learning by heart; poetry comes to physics 


Ideas about dialectic: logos; exploration

Logos; experience; getting their hands dirty.

The abstract-concrete connection 

Lessons from art lessons

Great Lessons 8: Awe

Pedagogy Postcard 10. Personal Projects: 

Project 9. A student-led, student-devised IT programme.


Ideas about rhetoric; communication

Project Soapbox: Rhetoric in action

Our Rhetoric Roadmap

Modelling good speech; let’s talk properly.

 The HGS British Museum Family  Project  and the KEGS version.


I’ll try to update this as we move along.

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