Curriculum Models. A Sharing Initiative


The Current KEGS Curriculum Model
The Current KEGS Curriculum Model-  see the link below for the proper Excel version.


A few years ago I undertook an information gathering exercise for the Grammar Schools Heads’ Association, collecting over 70 different curriculum models.  I asked people to send me their model in a format that matched our own, using Excel, so that it was easy to browse through all of the models in the same format using the tabs in a single workbook for easy visual comparison – people preferred this to a table of figures.

The Master spreadsheet can be found HERE:

MASTER Timetable Models

Last Update. 4/7/14   (18 models)

Click the tabs along the bottom to see each one.  It should print out as one booklet with ready-formatted pages if you select the ‘print workbook’  option. I will update  from time to time as the models come in.

Interestingly, no two models from the original 70 I gathered are the same although there are lots of common features.  A two-week timetable of 50 hour-long lessons is the most common – like the KEGS model.  However, four KS4 options is the most common -whereas KEGS offers five.   There is then all manner of variation of time allocated to each subject at KS3 and KS4.  I find it fascinating.

I am now keen to collect models from a broad selection of schools including where there are different choices or setting/banding pathways within each year group.  If you would like to share your curriculum model, please send me an email (  with a model in the same Excel format of the others.  I will stitch them all together and refresh the master sheet including any I receive. (I won’t process or include any that are not presented exactly the same way).  It’s especially helpful if they are pre-formatted to print out on one page. You can add explanatory notes at the bottom if that helps to get the details.  I will include your school’s name if you wish, or not if you’d rather not.

Thanks for participating.




  1. Hi
    Are you going to have curriculum models available for interested colleagues or is it sharing with colleagues who share their currculum model,? With best wishes David


    • My intention is to share it with everyone, updating it periodically. I’m hoping that people will contribute freely if they work in a school – that seems reasonable. They just need to get it into the common format. If you have a model to share, please do.


  2. Curriculum is a manual book in teaching. Ideally, excellent curriculum will creates excellent knowledge and skill to the students. But curriculum is just a guide. It will useless if teacher does not know how to teach


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