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The @teacherhead Blog Amp #4

#4 1st Feb 2020 Full Name : Elliot Morgan. Twitter @name: @MorgsEd Blog Post Title: How can we assess knowledge? Blog url: https://mrmorgsthoughts.wordpress.com/2020/01/03/how-can-we-assess-knowledge/ Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): This blog looks at assessing two different types of knowledge: substantive and disciplinary. It warns of a potential problem with focusing too heavily on … Continue reading

The @teacherhead Blog Amp #1

#1 30th November 2019 Full Name : Elizabeth Mountstevens   Twitter @name: @DrMountstevens Blog Title: Filling the Tool Box (1) Blog url: https://catalysinglearning.wordpress.com/2019/11/25/filling-the-tool-box-1/ Short blog description:  An evidence-informed approach to teaching students problem-solving strategies as part of a series on metacognition Full Name : Jonathan Mountstevens   Twitter @name: @MrMountstevens Blog Title: The Strait and Narrow Way of Curriculum Leadership … Continue reading

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