Five Ways To.. the Booklet

Following the demand for our Five Ways one-pagers, David Goodwin and I have made them into one downloadable booklet. Here it is as a pdf for you to download and print out as you wish.

The individual one-pagers and posts can all be accessed here in the summary post:

Five Ways To.. The Collection

This post is a one-stop shop for my Five Ways To series and the superb one-page summaries produced by the wonderful David Goodwin. Download and share freely.

Thanks to David for his incredible work on this.


  1. Dear Tom.
    I have been following your blog admiringly for the past couple of years of so, learning quite a bit.
    I am a history and civics teacher from israel, and very interested in improving teaching not just for me, but for my colleagues as well.
    I was wondering if I could have your permission to translate your booklet into Hebrew and make it available to teachers here (all rights reserved, of course).
    Thanks again for all your teachings,

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