Curriculum Models 2020: A new collection exercise – please contribute.

In 2017 I produced a collection of 40 secondary curriculum models:  40 Curriculum Models 2017: It contains a set of models from a range of school types including some middle schools.  People have found it useful but at at time when lots of schools have been reviewing their curriculum structures it seems like a good time to update it.

The Process: 

1. Open the Google spreadsheet via this link.

This is set to be open for anyone to edit. I have a master copy which I will update every time a new model is added.  This will ensure we don’t lose information.  However, please take care not to delete or alter anyone else’s model.  You will need a server that allows you to access to google.  You might want to download it, edit offline and then copy it back into the template.

2.  Add your own model.  You can do this either by copying one of the example tabs and editing it OR by starting from scratch on a new tab. Please ensure your entry is added to the right of the previous entry – drag it across.

  • DUPLICATE before you EDIT: Click the tab you want to copy/edit and select Duplicate
  • Drag the tab to the right of the list.
  • Rename the tab by clicking on the label at the bottom. 

3.  Follow the template EXACTLY.   There is room for some variation but I will not include any models that deviate from the key features modelled in the examples.

  • Make your curriculum fit to one page per view adjusting the scale as required.
  • Keep a row between year groups.
  • Use different colours to show the subjects.
  • Add notes and explain non-obvious codes below the model. Include explanation of structures for PSHE, carousels etc.
  • Complete the basic information at the top.
  • Use your school name if you’re happy to be identified OR use Example – and I will keep that in sequence.  However, even anonymous schools should add the basic descriptions to give some context.
  • Finally check the settings in Print Preview (File –> Print)  to ensure the whole page for your school prints to one page; adjust as needed.  Use Landscape, Scale: Fit to width

4. Don’t send me existing documents or links to your models in other formats.  I’m not going to include anything that’s not in the same format as the others. Even if you think I might find it interesting,  I will delete emails, comments and ignore tweets that send me other formats expecting me to read them and convert to the common format on their behalf.  This happened a lot last time and I want to be as clear as I can about that.

5. Timescale.  Last time around I published the latest models after key milestones – 10, 20, 30.. but when it got to 40 google said the spreadsheet was too big for any more data. I locked it down at that point.  I will not share widely until I get 10 – which could be days or weeks.  Take your time to get your model right, looking neat in the format.  I’ve labelled it 2020 because my expectation that this will be finished in early spring 2020 before I lock it down.

Thanks for contributing.  I’m looking forward to seeing your models!




  1. Tom, would be good to know start and finish times of the day and any breaks (am/lunch/pm) time tabled assembly slots or pastoral time before lesson 1 starts? Possibly for the second iteration…? Do schools run co-curric/enrichment activities in lunchtimes, after school, mix of both….do staff ‘have to’ offer an activity or is it voluntary? As every way too many Qs, apologies!


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