RSA Occupy The Curriculum: The Case for a National Baccalaureate

From 2 mins 30, here is my talk at the RSA’s Occupy the Curriculum event. The rationale for the National Baccalaureate for England. Huge thanks to Joe Hallgarten for inviting me and to my fellow panelists for a great discussion. Related links: The National Baccalaureate Convention  The English Baccalaureate: Coming Soon!  NBT Logo Colour Centred   If you would like your school or college to get involved, please contact


  1. Hi Tom, this is great. Love that you and your people are going for it based on your values and what you feel is right. As a recent student I witnessed the crystal palace cohort pull the rug out from under my teachers too often to care much for anything new that comes from there. This project of yours is inspirational. Best of luck!


    • I get asked this a lot. The IB is a great programme but it is unlike to ever be adopted as a national system for England: 1) It doesn’t provide a framework for all learners; it’s predominantly a high-end academic programme and wouldn’t apply to technical learning in most contexts even with the CCs 2) It is highly prescribed and we have a strong tradition of post16 specialization – 3) It is expensive to run properly and we almost certainly can’t afford to run IB in every school and college.


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