Secondary Curriculum Plans. A collection of links: Add your own.

Last year I was interested in curriculum models and, with the help of twitter, I collected 40 models at the level of subject time allocations:  40 Curriculum Models 2017:

Now, I am interested in doing something similar but at a more detailed level.  A couple of years ago I shared a blog post containing the emerging curriculum plan for KS3 at my school at the time. It now just represents a possible model, not an active one, but you might find it interesting:

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 17.44.44
Click to download a rough KS3 Map pdf. 

Increasingly schools are looking to explore the detailed mapping of their curriculum; to define it and make it coherent as a whole.  The first step is just to gather together what is currently happening.  Each version of this has its own unique format, school by school – it would be impossible to align the formats.  Mostly schools have them on a shared drive, a website or in a shareable online document.

The detail schools are interested include things like text selection, sequence of science topics, periods and themes in history.  Some documents are more detailed than others but it’s fascinating to explore them to see what schools are really doing – no two are the same.

The Collection

Here is a collection of school curriculum links that you might find interesting. It is a mixture of publicly available sites I have found interesting and provide the level of detail I’m after –  and sites that people have sent me via the form below.  I’m only including sites where you can see details such as text selection in English and specific topics in History and Science.  Each site warrants extended browsing.

School Curriculum Link
Greenshaw High School
Cromer Academy,  Inspiration Trust  See also the Knowledge Organisers:
School 21, Stratford
Reach Academy Feltham
Saffron Walden County High School
Kingdown School
Shenfield High School
Greenwood Academy
Oasis Academy Leesbrook
North Ormesby Academy

Add your own

If you are willing to share your detailed curriculum plan, even if it is just a link to the relevant part of your school website, please complete the form below with the required information linking to your curriculum plans. I will add them to my list from time to time.

(Please only link to whole-school information-not just one part, eg a science or history curriculum.  It’s the curriculum as a whole that we’re interested in).

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