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Personal Remembrance: 4th December 1977

My personal remembrance assembly: This assembly is partly about the remembrance day ceremonies that will be carried out around the world on 11th November, in remembrance of those who died in WW1, WW2 and war in general.  It is also about the personal nature of remembrance for me and for others…… Remembrance Day is just … Continue reading

Homework: What does the Hattie research actually say?

This is an excellent book.  It is an attempt to distil the key messages from the vast array of studies that have been undertaken across the world into all the different factors that lead to educational achievement.  As you would hope and expect, the book contains details of the statistical methodology underpinning a meta-analysis and … Continue reading

That gap isn’t getting narrower: now what?

It is one of many rallying cries of contemporary EduSpeak: we’ve got to narrow the gap.  Uncontentious; obvious. Clearly this our mission.  That gap is a stain on our collective conscience and not only is it too big, it is getting wider. The system is failing, schools are failing, too many kids are left behind … Continue reading

Educational Twitter: CPD; Community; Inspiration

This post is really just an excuse to put this brilliant tube map into my blog. It is the labour of love of Pete Jones, @Pekabelo, the Jersey photoshop maestro and professional enthusiast.  I am thrilled to be on it representing Liverpool Street.  The full size map can be downloaded here. My journey into twitter … Continue reading

Selling your wares at the Pseudo-Choice Market

As the open evening recruitment circus draws to a close and Y7s across the country are already strutting the corridors with (over)confidence this post is a reflection on the pitfalls of selling our schools (souls) in the pseudo-marketplace of ‘parental choice’.  Based on my observations  in the schools I’ve worked in over the years together … Continue reading

Extended Learning Opportunities

In the last two weeks we have launched two new initiatives at my school to provide students with incentives and opportunities to engage in extended independent learning.   The first was the KEGS Global Blog Challenge. This offers a token £100 prize for the blog with the greatest global reach by June next year.  In the … Continue reading

“The Edutronic”: A great teacher flourishing

One of the great privileges of my job is having the opportunity to meet the people that I admire and that inspire me.  Earlier this week I paid a visit to The London Nautical School to meet Mr Edutronic, Christopher Waugh.  Chris contacted me after I wrote about ‘What makes a great teacher’ and I … Continue reading

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