Curriculum Murmurations #2: Secondary Models Analysis. Compromises!!

This is the second in a series of posts about the direction of travel with curriculum thinking.  The introductory post is here: Curriculum Murmurations #1. Thoughts from 2019.    The image of a murmuration captures the sense of a system looking for direction with all the twists and turns and fluctuations. In this post I am … Continue reading

Schema-building: A blend of experiences and retrieval modes make for deep learning.

Learning is complicated so it can be useful to use conceptual models to help understand and discuss it. For me, a powerful concept is the idea that we organise ideas, knowledge, the things we learn, in patterns of connected information called schema.   Schema-building is at the heart of this diagram by Oliver Caviglioli for … Continue reading

The #1 problem/weakness in teaching and how to address it.

I see a lot of lessons – hundreds of them in multiple contexts – and I’m going to suggest that there is one very common challenge that teachers face that is often not addressed well enough, even by experienced teachers.  In my view, it’s the single biggest reason for lessons being ineffective or certainly less … Continue reading

New Start: @TeacherHead

Today marked a new beginning in lots of ways. For various reasons that I’ll explore at another time, as of Friday 20th, I am no longer the Headteacher at Highbury Grove School.  I wish everyone associated with the school the very best.  I hope that students find joy and fulfilment in their future lives and … Continue reading

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