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Weaving it all together: 9 key threads for maximising learning.

This is a selection of things that I find myself discussing with teachers regularly. We all crave simplicity, but actually, when teaching is great, there’s a lot going on. It’s unavoidable- but we can still try to break it down. As with any generic post it might appear to ignore subject-specific curriculum matters but importantly, … Continue reading

Check for Understanding… why it matters and how to do it. #rEDSurrey21

This post gives the key points from my ResearchEd Surrey talk at Farnham Heath End School. Firstly, I explored the challenge for teachers in teaching a group of people all at once, with reference to Willingham’s ideas about memory and understanding. When children don’t understand – there are numerous possible reasons: lack of prior knowledge, … Continue reading

Building Understanding: supporting students to assemble their own schema.

Recently, as I’ve engaged with numerous curriculum webinars (eg EduGiveUK) and continued working with schools and colleges, observing and discussing teachers’ practice, I’ve been thinking that much greater weight needs to be placed on exploring what our students have actually understood during a teaching sequence: the depth of their understanding relative to the teacher intentions; … Continue reading

School Development Priorities for 2021-22.

Taking stock of the various conversations I have had with teachers and school leaders, I think there are some common threads that, when added together, might represent a solid school development agenda for a lot of schools in the coming year. Of course, in any specific context, there’s a need to filter and prioritise but … Continue reading

What does it mean to be ‘evidence-informed’ in teaching?

With the publication of the Education Endowment Foundation report on Cognitive Science Approaches in the Classroom, there’s been a flurry of discussion about what it says and what the implications are for teachers. This is great to see – (once you filter the inevitable over-simplifications and weird misplaced triumphalism. You see – I told you). … Continue reading

Applying the CogSci – examples from across the curriculum. #EdFest

As I engage with more teachers and hear more presentations from people exploring ideas from cognitive science, I find more and more coherence emerging around the central ideas about learning and memory; I also find wider resonance across curriculum areas as people explore the all-important question: how does this apply to my context? This was … Continue reading

Teaching is buzzing; the professional community has never felt more dynamic.

From my recent experience engaging with schools and teachers in person and online – as I discussed on a recent podcast interview with James Mannion – I truly believe there’s never been a better time to get into teaching. The whole community of teachers, leaders and supporting professionals seems so energetic and dynamic – I … Continue reading

The DI-KR lobby-bubble and my part in it. (FAO Guy).

Hello Guy. I’ve just been trying to read your Future of Teaching book without getting wound up and, stupid as that is, I’m finding it hard. This is ironic because look what I wrote for your ‘Ruby’ book when you asked me to write a ‘puff’ for it – (your honest word for that thing … Continue reading

The In Action series. Teachers putting ed-research into practice.

The WalkThrus team – of me, Oliver Caviglioli and John Catt Ltd – is very excited to see our In Action publication series taking off. After the Rosenshine’s Principles In Action proved popular, we felt that more researchers and their work could be given similar treatment to help teachers digest the ideas and apply them … Continue reading

Our Wonderful @WalkThrus_5 Adventure.

Oliver (Caviglioli) and I have been on quite an adventure in the last year. It’s just over year since Oliver pitched the idea that we could work together on a book. In our first meeting around my kitchen table we hatched a plan for five-step WalkThrus; a repository of the core ideas and strategies that … Continue reading

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