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Celebrating Exceptional Work: KEGS Gifted and Talented Exhibition

Every year we compile an exhibition of exceptional student work as a means of showcasing the range of opportunities that KEGS students have to express their ideas and knowledge. We call it the Gifted and Talented Exhibition although, in practice, we don’t really use this terminology for very much else. Some subjects, such as Art, … Continue reading

A week in the life of a Headteacher

This has been a typical busy week at KEGS.  Looking across the diary for the week it struck me that it captures some of the essence of being the Headteacher of this school.   I had a good response to my previous diary post so I thought I’d share this week’s diary too.  The back-to-back schedule is certainly busier than most weeks; adding in … Continue reading

The Miracle of Christmas – and every other day.

This is the essence of my Christmas message as featured in our end of term assembly. The Santa story is a lovely piece of family magic.  My kids love it.. even though my son, aged 11 is at the eye-rolling stage when we put the mince pie and carrot out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  … Continue reading

Reflections of An Atheist Headteacher

Alom Shaha’s wonderful book, The Young Atheist’s Handbook, is an intelligent and moving account of his life and his philosophy as an atheist from a Muslim family in a South London community. I love the sub-title: Lessons for living a good life without God. It gave me a reason to reflect on my own thoughts … Continue reading

Y9 Science Co-construction Update

In August, I set out the process I’d be using to teach my Year 9s for science this year.  Having made it to half-term, how are we doing? Well, we are up and running and getting into our stride.  As promised, we spent our first couple of lessons talking about the content for the year, … Continue reading

Extended Learning Opportunities: Update

Last Autumn, we launched two new initiatives at KEGS to stimulate extended learning.  We recently concluded the first run through of both initiatives with some lovely outcomes. The KEGS Foundation Prize This was designed to become a regular high profile, prestigious prize for students’ endeavours beyond the curriculum.  We launched this with four categories as … Continue reading

My Exam Results Postmortem

My Exam Results Postmortem. Don’t you just love exam results days? I always have….all the anticipation, the nerves, the agonising wait and then, finally….the big reveal.  Jubilation and despair and everything in between….wrapping up years of endeavour in one big moment. It’s an emotional field day. When that email arrives from the Exams Officer carrying … Continue reading

KEGS Spirit: A 2012-13 Sampler

There are lots of ways to tell a school’s story.  For us, one way would be to read each issue of the students’ own newspaper.  The full archive is here.  Another way would be to look at the photos from our @KEGS_Chelmsford twitter feed.  (The link takes you to the photo album – well worth … Continue reading

A typical atypical week as Head of KEGS

Too many fingers in too many pies! This week has been immensely busy but captures the range of activities and issues  I get involved in as Head so I thought it would be interesting to share it.  It is not a typical week at all and there is one key thing missing – teaching! This … Continue reading

The KEGS CPD Market-Place.

Every year, on our May INSET day, we run a 90 minute session where all the teachers report back on the work they have been doing in their ‘teaching and learning workshops’, our structure of driving in-house action research. We call it the ‘carousel’ but it is more like a market-place where people mill around … Continue reading

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