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Project Soapbox. Rhetoric in action.

It’s wonderful when an idea comes together.  Last week we ran our Year 8 Project Soapbox as part of our newly established Rhetoric Roadmap – as detailed in this earlier post.  One of the many forms of oracy we’re trying to develop is the capacity to speak in public. The project was conceived by our … Continue reading

Focusing our Teaching and Learning Priorities: A reading list.

This post is essentially  a copy of a message I’ve given to my staff, collecting some required reading to inform the next phase of the development of our curriculum and our approach to teaching and learning.  Hopefully you will recognise the Trivium in this; these ideas are ways of making things happen more deliberately and explicitly so that … Continue reading

Opportunities, Threats and Pressures.

  Half-term is a good time for reflection.  It comes with the territory that you never really switch off and I’ve got plenty to think about.   I started thinking about all the challenges we are facing and the how the pressure is mounting again (casting an eye over my raw ‘Walking the Tightrope‘ post … Continue reading

Our Core Purpose: Ambition for All

Vision matters.  In a complex organisation with multiple stakeholders, everyone needs to know what the overarching goals are.  When things are difficult and messy, it’s very powerful to keep the long-term vision in mind so that the journey feels worthwhile and the problems seem solvable – in the long-run, if you give yourself enough time. … Continue reading

My Evolution Assembly. And the Young Creationists.

“Charles Darwin had a big idea; arguably, the most powerful idea ever.” Richard Dawkins That’s the quote I used to start my assemblies this week.  To me, it’s the most important and extraordinary story children should know and understand.  The story of evolution, of how we came into existence as Homo sapiens roaming the Earth … Continue reading

My 2015 Blogging Scrapbook.

January I started the year having received a detailed response from Ofsted’s Sean Harford to this Just gimme some truth rant.  It was a real surprise that he’d responded within 24 hours during the holidays.  His response found its way into the TES, SchoolsWeek and BBC news – as Sean admitted that OfSTED isn’t as reliable … Continue reading

Exciting Leadership Opportunities at Highbury Grove

This post is a trailer for some very exciting posts at Highbury Grove that will be advertised in January.  Readers of this blog will know that we are on a mission.  This is a fabulous place to work and I’m looking for some great people to join us on our journey. We’ll be looking for … Continue reading

Highbury Fields in 2015. A Year of Trees.

My journey to work through Highbury Fields captured via twitter. Living through the seasons with the trees. The trees of Highbury Fields. pic.twitter.com/ke5WH2glLy — Tom Sherrington (@headguruteacher) February 13, 2015 Good Morning Highbury Fields pic.twitter.com/o0TZluqsfq — Tom Sherrington (@headguruteacher) February 24, 2015 Good morning Highbury. Spring? pic.twitter.com/FJU3GCaY1q — Tom Sherrington (@headguruteacher) March 2, 2015 Great … Continue reading

Our Christmas Assembly. Refugees, London, Kindness.

This year, the theme of our Christmas assembly was the link between us, the refugee crisis and the Christmas story. We also threw in some entertainment courtesy of the school choir and orchestra.  It may seem incongruous but a belting performance of Bohemian Rhapsody the school choir was an amazing opener; a personal highlight from … Continue reading

A Headteacher’s Week at HGS

Following a format I’ve used before, here is a run-down of a reasonably typical week in my life at Head at Highbury Grove.  I’ve chosen this one because it has a bit of everything in it to give a feel for the range of the activities I have in my diary.  Every week is different … Continue reading

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