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The @teacherhead Blog Amp #4

#4 1st Feb 2020


Full Name : Elliot Morgan. Twitter @name: @MorgsEd

Blog Post Title: How can we assess knowledge?

Blog url: https://mrmorgsthoughts.wordpress.com/2020/01/03/how-can-we-assess-knowledge/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): This blog looks at assessing two different types of knowledge: substantive and disciplinary. It warns of a potential problem with focusing too heavily on retrieval practice all the time.

Full Name : Charlie Comerford. Twitter @name: @MrC_Educate

Blog Post Title: What is personal development? Part 1 – Why seek a definition at all?

Blog url: https://mrceducate.wixsite.com/heartandmind/home/what-is-personal-development-part-1-why-seek-a-definition-at-all

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): This post discusses why it’s important to define personal development in tighter terms and why this is tricky for leaders.

Full Name : Pete Whiting.  Twitter @name: @mr_van_W

Blog Post Title: Accessibility in the classroom and presentations: Accessibility is not optional

Blog url: https://mrvanw.com/2019/12/09/accessibility-in-the-classroom-and-presentations-accessibility-is-not-an-option/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): This post is about simple steps to improving the accessibility of our lessons and how it is our responsibility to keep up with tech for this reason alone.

Full Name : David Vann.    Twitter @name: @thinkfollower

Blog Post Title: ‘Mind the Gaps… (Perhaps it’s time we all stopped la at Del Boy?’)

Blog url: http://thinkfollower.wordpress.com

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): The second offering in a series of 4 about educational leadership. This blog focused on ‘The Gaps’ – The Behaviour Gap, The Knowledge Gap and The Privilege Gap through the lens of a thinking follower.

Full Name : Paul Stevens-Fulbrook. Twitter @name: @teacherofsci1

Blog Post Title: The Complete Guide to Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction.

Blog url: https://teacherofsci.com/principles-of-instruction/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): A complete breakdown of Rosenshine’s seminal but often underrated Principles of Instruction. Includes ideas on how to apply it to your teaching practice.

Full Name : daveo81. Twitter @name: @Oates27

Blog Post Title: Schrodinger’s Teacher – why it’s so hard being a teacher at the moment.

Blog url: http://davidoatesblog.wordpress.com

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): My musing on how uncertainty in the education world contributes to teacher pressure.

Full Name : Mark Jesnick.  Twitter @name: @JesnickMark

Blog Post Title: What I’ve learnt about Coaching

Blog url: https://markmywords1989.wordpress.com/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): This blog post is about instructional coaching, and what i’ve learnt about leading an impactul and effective coaching programme for all staff at my school.

Full Name : Tiffany K Peltier.  Twitter @name: Tiffany_Peltier

Blog Post Title: The Practicalities of Teaching in a First Grade Classroom: Part 2

Blog url: https://understandingreading.home.blog/2020/01/17/the-practicalities-of-teaching-in-a-first-grade-classroom-part-2/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): Applying the science of reading to small group reading instruction in grade 1

Full Name : Mike Hodgkiss.   Twitter @name: @teachtalks

Blog Post Title: Ban the desk of shame

Blog url: https://teachtalks.co.uk/ban-the-desk-of-shame/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): A look at the role of isolation desks (often just outside the headteacher’s office) in dealing with poor behaviour in schools. Is this awful practice? Is it public humiliation as Caroline Derbyshire thinks? Is it any different to placing disruptive pupils in isolation booths?

Full Name : Helen Howell.  Twitter @name: @hdsharpe

Blog Post Title: The Vocabulary Deficit

Blog url: http://helendora.edublogs.org/2020/01/29/the-vocabulary-deficit-a-whole-school-model-to-address-word-povery/

Short blog description: What it’s about. (100 words max): This blog offers a model on how to narrow the word gap in secondary school by suggesting a cross-curricular strategy for explicitly teaching vocabulary.



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