4,000,000 x Thank You. 🙏🙏❤️


This is another ritual milestone blog.  4 million views.  I’m so grateful to everyone who continues to read and engage with the ideas in the blog.  It’s a constant source of joy to me – and I’m always thrilled when someone tells me a blog post helped them or their colleagues to think something through or to resolve a problem.

I’ve charted the development of the blog through anniversaries plus these milestone posts every time I hit one:  1 million, 2 million, 3 million.  2018 has been my biggest blog-hit year so far, already passing all previous years with a month to go:

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.38.54

Since the 3 million mark in September 2017, two major things have happened:

  • I published The Learning Rainforest which has been a fabulous experience, bringing the ideas from the blog to a new audience in a different way.
  • I decided to commit to being a full-time consultant.  A great decision as far as I’m concerned.

In my new role I get the opportunity to visit lots of schools and, as I show on my consultancy page, I have the opportunity to travel all around the UK and around the world, talking to teachers about teaching.  It’s massively rewarding  – and provides a rich source of inspiration for teacherhead.com.  Thank you to everyone who has invited me to deliver CPD or to engage in consultancy work.  I’m deeply grateful for every opportunity.

There are have been two major themes in the blog over the last year or so:

Teaching, research, curriculum – the core business:  I’m delighted that the Research Summaries blog continues to be accessed widely alongside posts about Rosenshine, knowledge-rich curriculum, expectations, and teaching to the top.

Accountability and workload.  In particular the 10 low impact activities blog has been a runaway blog hit.  It had 40k views within a few days.  It clearly struck a chord.

As ever, there are a few personal blogs mixed in about my family and about music and, although they don’t get so many views, I’m happy to share those things and to engage with people who read about them.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.56.43.png

I’ve had numerous offers for sponsorship, sponsored posts and advertising but I am committed to keeping this free, unfettered by commercial interests for as  long as I keep it going.

The motivation to keep writing is based around the interactions that blogging generates. So – many, many thanks to all the people who have supported me in keeping the blog going and for reading and sharing the ideas.




  1. I will never forget your inspirational leadership at KEGS. My son joined you in the sixth form and they were the best years he spent in education and enabled him to become the confident, interesting and happy 24 year he is now.
    I work in education and follow your blogs which I find very readable and engaging and full of sensible and useful information. Thank you and well done.

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