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Six principled practices for intelligent schools:

On my travels I’ve encountered schools that are doing brilliant things without resorting to short-cuts,  without saying that they’ve sacrificed their principles to satisfy external pressures and without making life miserable for their staff with ugly brute-force whip-cracking performance cultures. Some schools are lovely to work in because leaders increasingly recognise the power of building … Continue reading

What a year! teacherhead in 2017

2017 has turned into an amazing year. teacherhead consulting As I explained in this blog, I have made a firm decision to commit to my role as a consultant instead of thinking about returning to Headship.  I’m enjoying the freedom, the variety and the challenges that consultancy presents – and it’s been amazing to get … Continue reading

#FiveWays of Giving Effective Feedback as Actions

NOTE To Teach First #TDC2018 Delegates: Slides available here: Teach First Marking If teachers are going to have a significant impact with the feedback they give, it needs to lead to improved outcomes for students. I am increasingly convinced that feedback needs to be constituted  less in terms of a review of what has gone before … Continue reading

Accountability ‘stick’ is taking us to the brink: Time for radical change.

Over the last few weeks, there have been some superb blogs and articles, alongside some grim news reports, adding fuel to the fire that is burning under our accountability culture.  More and more, as more and more people are saying, it seems blindingly obvious that our system of very high stakes inspection and performance measures … Continue reading

10 ways the gold dust of CPD time is wasted.

CPD time is precious.  Teachers have so many issues to address; so many things to discuss, to share, to thrash out, to reflect on – and there’s lots of strong evidence about the importance of collaborative professional dialogue in fuelling teacher development. And yet, there are lots of barriers to schools delivering good CPD; I’ve written about … Continue reading

Our family remembrance trip. 40 years on.

A few years ago I posted a copy of an assembly I gave for Remembrance Day, linking our family story – the death of my father, Richard Sherrington – to the act of remembrance.  You can read it here.   He died on 4th December 1977, 40 years ago, after his plane from Penang to KL … Continue reading

10 low impact activities to do less of – or stop altogether.

Teachers and leaders across the country do too many things that have unacceptably high ratios of time and effort relative to their impact and/or they are unjustifiable educationally.  Sometimes I think that the debate about workload is tinkering around the edges when actually we need much more fundamental change.  I also think that we need to … Continue reading

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