Teaching and Learning Research Summaries: A collection for easy access.

There are several superb summaries of educational research that have been compiled into easily accessible websites and articles in pdf format that can be read online and shared with staff. Although they are easy to find via an internet search, I am pulling them together into one place for easy access.   I’ll keep adding to it as I find things and when people make suggestions:

John Dunlosky: Strengthening the Student Toolbox

Barak Rosenshine: Principles of Instruction

See also: Rosenshine Re-ordered. A Poster by @olicav

Rob Coe et al:  What makes great teaching. 

Dylan Wiliam: 9 things every teacher should know- via tes

The article is here: https://www.tes.com/news/dylan-wiliam-nine-things-every-teacher-should-know with a nice box inset about that researchers – many of whom are featured in the other summaries represented here.

James Ko et al:  Effective Teaching 

John Sweller’s Cognitive Load Theory, summarised by Oliver Caviglioli for How2.

Here’s another great paper from CESE in New South Wales on Cognitive Load Theory – with thanks to Matthew Benyohai: Summary on page 7 is very helpful.

Daniel Willingham’s Why don’t kids like school. Summary.

The Learning Scientists – downloadable materials

Yeager, Walton and Cohen: Addressing achievement gaps with psychological interventions.

Also, for quick reference:

EEF Toolkit:  https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/resources/teaching-learning-toolkit

Chris Husbands and Jo Pearce: Nine claims from research

American Psychology Association Top 20 Principles from Psychology

There’s a quick access summary of the 20 principles here:

Clark, Kirschner and Sweller – A readable version of their  research into guided (and minimally guided) instruction.

Education Endowment Foundation report on Metacognition: by Professor Daniel Muijs et al .

Robert Slavin on Cooperative Learning – Group work – a short helpful summary via CUREE.

Arthur Shimamura:   MARGE: A whole brain learning approach. 

See also: Introducing MARGE: A superb ebook about learning by Arthur Shimamura.

Bjork:  Desirable Difficulties: 

See also: https://www.psychologicalscience.org/observer/desirable-difficulties which includes an excellent video presentation by Robert and Elizabeth Bjork.

The Great Teaching Toolkit

This superb review from Evidence Based Education is a definite must-read. It’s a very comprehensive guide to most of the ideas above – grouped into four categories. Download it here

IES Practice Guide Organizing instruction and study to improve student learning –

As recommended by Dylan Wiliam: