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Reinventing the Wheel. Again.

An army of teachers writing (the same) schemes of work across the nation: pic.twitter.com/yMEQh1NcH8 — Tom Sherrington (@teacherhead) February 27, 2017 In a previous post, How much teacher autonomy is healthy?, I explored the good reasons for collaboration and coherence in curriculum planning from the perspective of a novice teacher:  I want to be part … Continue reading

The Michaela Way

Last week,  I joined the growing number of people who have visited Michaela Community School to see it action.   I’ve read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Teachers and numerous blogs and articles about the school from its teachers and visitors – so it was great to see what it is really like to put … Continue reading

10 Must-Read Books for Better Teaching

This selection is my current top ten book recommendations for teachers. Continue reading

More issues with Progress 8.

In this post I’m going to set out a few of the issues I see with the use of Progress 8 data, especially as one of the indicators of school effectiveness in inspections and in general school-to-school comparison and evaluation. For further reading on Progress 8, you want also wish to read the following: My … Continue reading

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