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Northern Rocks Presentation: Cultivating a ‘research-engaged learning community’

It was a huge thrill to take part in the Northern Rocks event in Leeds on Saturday.  I hope it will become a regular event.  The scale of the event was hugely impressive and it was great to meet so many people that I’d only previously met through twitter.

My presentation was an attempt to capture the spirit of what we call our ‘research-engaged learning community’ at KEGS.  It’s not the finished article by any means but we’re on the path towards it.  I won’t try to recreate the commentary but here are the slides:

The material is derived from several posts I’ve written before:



Some of the photographs in the slides relate to the research projects KEGS staff shared at our recent ‘marketplace’ as described in this post:


The underpinning approach to accountability is captured here:


Some ideas about great teaching were only touched on briefly where I referred to these posts:



Thanks to everyone who attended. It was wonderful to be so well supported.

The audience for my #NRocks presentation

The audience for my #NRocks presentation


Huge thanks to Debra Kidd and Emma Hardy for their organisation and for inviting me to take part. It was brilliant.


7 thoughts on “Northern Rocks Presentation: Cultivating a ‘research-engaged learning community’

  1. Lots of very positive reports coming back via NUT tweets and fb page. Regards Murray Sackwild    


    Posted by murraysackwild | June 8, 2014, 5:57 pm
  2. Gosh you did have a full house Tom, but then you get one every day on your blog. It’s been a pleasure watching it develop over the last few years, I’ve certainly learned a lot from it and hope others, especially policy makers, have done the same.


    Posted by behrfacts | June 9, 2014, 8:36 am
  3. Reblogged this on Northern Rocks 2014 and commented:
    #NRocks post from @headguruteacher on ‘Cultivating a ‘research-engaged learning community.’
    Thank you for sharing this.


    Posted by northernrocks2014 | June 9, 2014, 1:17 pm


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