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A Balanced Diet for Learning and Teaching

A Balanced Learning Diet, rich in Flavour Variety and Surprise The recent @LearningSpy post about whether there is a ‘right way’ to teach, chimed with thoughts I’ve been having about all the endless false dichotomies that get thrown up in our search to be better teachers.  Someone buzzing about ipads is knocked down by someone … Continue reading

KEGS House Music: The KEGS Spirit in Action

There is a lot that goes on at my school that I absolutely love.  But, without doubt, House Music is the highlight.  In fact, it is my favourite school event anywhere, ever.  The centre-piece of the annual House Competition, House Music not only provides a superb afternoon of entertainment, it also encapsulates so much of … Continue reading

Building a Trust Culture: It’s not all hugs

In the last two weeks I’ve been to a number of conference events with the SSAT and Essex Headteachers and attended the London Festival of Education.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and hearing the wise words of some of the best contemporary educational thinkers: Guy Claxton, John Hattie, Sir Tim Brighouse, John West-Burnham.  I’ve … Continue reading

Project 9: A student-devised, student-led IT programme.

Project 9 is our student-led IT programme in which students in Year 9 (hence the fairly obvious name!) engage in a diverse range of IT modules taught by students in Years 10-13.  We are now entering our fourth year and it is becoming a properly embedded feature of the curriculum. We have a very broad … Continue reading

CamSTAR: Research as CPD: CPD as Research

One of the key things that first attracted me to KEGS was the concept of the ‘research-engaged learning community’.  Although it has been articulated and organised in different ways over the years, we have always held the view that teachers should be both engaged with research and engaged in research as part of the CPD … Continue reading

Making Feedback Count: “Close the Gap”

Recently I have been looking again at the issue of marking. It is a hugely important source of feedback provided that we keep the volume of marking in proportion to the level of impact it can have in improving learning outcomes.  I’ve discussed this in a much-read earlier post: Marking in Perspective: Selective, Formative, Effective, … Continue reading

EBacc Alternative: One System for All; Excellence for All

In order to contribute to the debate about the assessment framework that might replace GCSEs and A levels,  I would like to put forward an alternative. Here is the pdf:  The English Baccalaureate Framework. I envisage a system where the vast majority of students graduate from school at 18 with an English Baccalaureate qualification of … Continue reading

Thoughts on the Headteachers’ Roundtable

The Heads’ Roundtable is an interesting new pressure group that has already attracted a lot of interest on twitter, where it began.  There is clearly an appetite for supporting an initiative that feels like it is led by people with integrity taking the system by the scruff of the throat and demanding to be heard.  … Continue reading

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