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The quiet CPD Revolution… getting louder! Twitter

I wrote this for our student newspaper @KEGS_Ambassador: My journey into Twitter Two years ago we started the @KEGS_Chelmsford Twitter feed as a way to get school news out to parents.  We now have over 550 followers.  However, beyond that I’d have said that Twitter was just a stream of txt-spk trivia and celebrity gossip. … Continue reading

The ‘Washing Hands’ of Learning: Think Pair Share

A blog about something really obvious but worth spelling out. After 25 years of teaching, I’ve been through a fair amount of dodgy INSET/CPD. As a result I am something of a ‘visiting speaker’ sceptic. However, it hasn’t all been bad; far from it. Some ideas have been very influential such as the ideas behind … Continue reading

AHOTT6 July 2012

They’ve really gone for me this time…… biting satire from the KEGS Ambassador. (Here is a guide to some of the in-house references from related post ‘Brought Down to Earth’. And others in the AHOTT Series. )

Sour grapes on results day can be unseemly; I’m getting my complaints in early

Exams have finished; it’s all over bar the shouting.   Students have hung  up their pencil cases and we’re all waiting for the verdict; judgement day.  It is extraordinary how much rides on this process given how creaky and precarious the whole enterprise feels at times.  For schools there is the ritual farce of single-measure rankings … Continue reading

Planning Effective CPD: What could be more important?

The issue of the week has been CPD. As we look ahead to next year, planning the way forward for professional development is a dominant theme. What could be more important? I’ve had five key meetings in the last week: 1) a meeting with Sue Brindley from Cambridge University, exploring a research framework for our … Continue reading

Vignettes from the KEGS Rainforest #1:

I have tried to encapsulate the experience of arriving at KEGS in my post ‘From Comp to Grammar; Plantation to Rainforest’ .  I firmly believe that the everyday experience for students at KEGS is far richer in terms of depth and challenge than that they would find in most schools.  The purpose of sharing this … Continue reading

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